Where The Fishing Starts And The Bullshit Ends


Welcome To The Bandito Fly Fishing Website.

This site is dedicated to the men and women of fly fishing. To those who know that fishing is more than a sport. It is an experience and a journey. The men and women here have a passion for the sport. This isnt your typical website, and Lord knows its not your normal fly fishing forum. There is no talk of what is the best knot for.... You wont hear debates about is a Tibor reel better than an Abel or a Nautilus... What chenille works best on a woolly bugger.


We dont care about.... We dont care if you fish your Grandfathers old Eagle Claw yellow fly rod, along with that hand me down Pflueger Medalist. In fact... We think you are pretty damn lucky to have that piece of history available to you. Rich, Poor, Freshwater, Saltwater, Mountains, Plains, Bayou, River, Inshore, Offshore, Flats to Creeks, it doesn’t matter. We enjoy it all. It is a common bond, that of fly fishing.

If you get it... Come on in... Take a look around. Welcome.
If you dont... Hopefully you will one day. Until then, piss off.


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